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Transformational Travel Isn't a Luxury, It's an Investment Into My Mind & Life

I've got to stop thinking I can't afford that trip or seminar. I can't afford NOT to go.

Let travel transform you

This month we went to the Rise Business Conference in Charleston, South Carolina.

I didn't really think we could 'afford' to go -- not in the time off from work or being away from the family.

And we definitely could have used the money for something else -- a dining room table perhaps in our new home base.

But instead, we spent the money to travel to Charleston, book a hotel, and attend a business conference.

I don't know why I'm surprised...

...but every time I do something like that, I'm hesitant beforehand.

And AFTER? I'm so grateful I did it. It's ALWAYS worth the investment.

Whether it was a couples trip to Morocco or hiking the Inca Trail in Peru...

A coaching program (for me) or a coaching certification (for my hubby) with Brendon Burchard...

Funnel Hacker Live...

A WWII European Tour...

Or the recent Rise Conference...

In the end, I'm so glad we made the 'sacrifices' necessary to make it happen.

They are what I call 'Transformational Travel Experiences'.

They are different from 'regular' travel aka vacations because they aren't a 'break' from your life. They're a strategic way to level-up your life.

So why, when the next opportunity rolls around, am I hesitant to sign up? Why do I hem and haw and oscillate?

Perhaps because I'm naturally thrifty and like saving my money instead of spending it?

Maybe because I like my routines and I don't want to interrupt them? (Yeah, I know, surprising, right?)

Or maybe I just don't want to take the risk that THIS TIME, it's won't be worth it? That this time it will be a waste of money instead of an investment?

What I seem to forget is that because it is a risk is one of the things that makes it worth it.

It's the risks in life that bring the rewards. (I've learned this so many times. It's incredible how easily I forget it.)

Because on the rare occasions the experience turns out to be a failure (it has happened), it becomes a chance to learn from my mistakes.

Failure moves you forward. Moving forward can't work any other way except through failure.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes an opportunity or experience legitimately won't work out -- the timing is off or we don't have the money.

But when things line up, or are pretty close if I hustle, I've learned that I need to take the leap! It will be worth it.

One thing I (re) learned from Brendon Burchard at Rise was this (my paraphrasing):

Success (aka happiness, life-meaning, purpose, big dreams) has to become something that is not just a 'would-be-nice' thing, but necessary for you to achieve. It's not optional. It's imperative.

In order for that to happen, it then becomes necessary for you to:

  • seek clarity -- what do you really want out of life?

  • increase productivity -- how do you create time to achieve those big dreams when you're already so busy with family, work, etc.

  • develop influence -- when you can influence those around you to help you reach common goals then it becomes easier and possible.

  • demonstrate courage -- put yourself out there, learn something new and challenging, do something you've never done before. This is how you grow!

(For more on these, make sure to read Brendon's High-Performance Habits.)

What does this have to do with 'taking the leap' on transformational travel experiences?

Well, it's exactly how the above list plays out.

We're not likely to experience a large dose of these things while living in the comfort of our home.

It's usually when we get out and have an experience that we have the chance to demonstrate courage, increase clarity, desire to be more productive, and develop influence.

This stuff doesn't happen in a bubble. It happens out there, in the world, among new ideas and experiences and people who challenge you to grow.

Any opportunity you have to learn, grow, or connect is very often worth the time and money invested.

This is exactly the thing that has helped me to do and become.

And it's exactly the philosophy behind every single trip I strategically plan so they can be life-changing as well as fun, adventurous, and exotic.

Does that mean you should start taking more vacations?

Of course not. There is a difference between travel that is for growth and transformation and travel that is for 'vacay-ing.'

That kind of travel is not always worth the investment. Sometimes it just interrupts your life, or wastes your money, or puts you in debt, or makes you feel worse when you get back to reality.

But the travel that stretches you, or makes you think, or challenges your assumptions, or teaches you something? The seminars and conferences and couples getaways?

That is (usually) ALWAYS worth it.

So what will you say 'yes' to?

What's the next opportunity to level-up your life?

It can be something we offer -- our upcoming trips include:

Or it can be something you plan on your own. In order for the experience to be truly transformational, make sure to include these essential elements.

The most important thing is to not sit back and let life happen to you. Make the investment into your life, your mind, your family, your marriage, by saying 'yes'.

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